Freewheel Marketing is a marketing technology consultant for investment managers. Our focus is to lower the cost of accelerated asset growth.

2017 Executive Forum and Industry Awards
Freewheel Marketing is proud to have been selected as a finalist for WealthManagement.com's Thought Leadership Award amongst Technology Providers.  By recognizing outstanding achievement in the industry, the WealthManagement.com Industry Awards will continue to inspire innovation and leadership among industry participants. Read more.
The Inbound Approach
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Changing preferences with respect to how investors research and make decisions necessitate a change in the way financial service providers seek to acquire new clients.

Inbound  marketing—strategies that focus on attracting and engaging audiences instead of seeking them out by pushing products or services on them—recognizes this change in consumer behavior and represents a shift in the way marketers can drive business development. With digital marketing technology as the underpinning, firms can deliver scalable resources that are on­-demand. In exchange, firm’s can collect data, thereby building distilled profiles of each prospect or client’s pain points and interests.

The implications are profound. Marketers can now drive asset growth by broadening referral networks, tailoring dialogue based upon an investor’s engagement, and increasing sales velocity by measuring each prospect’s level of urgency.

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For large firms, our consulting services include the development of a digital marketing strategy, vendor selection, implementation and integrations, as well as staffing guidance for internal administration.

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For boutique managers, we expand upon those services provided for larger firms to include our external administration. This makes us an extension of smaller teams on a more ongoing basis.

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Technology evolves at a frenetic pace, so we built a proprietary database and conduct ongoing research about the strategies of large investment managers, permitting our work to constantly evolve.

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