The mechanism enabling a cyclist to coast downhill is called a freewheel. Freewheel Marketing seeks to enable investment managers to coast in a similar manner.

Working with Freewheel
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Investors are more educated than ever and even solid referrals will conduct pre-buying research on your website. However, generally only 2% of leads are ready buyers. But within the remaining 98% is an additional segment of prospects that simply need to be nurtured through the buying process.

Freewheel Marketing will help your firm use its website to gather information about all of your prospects to better identify their pain points, monitor their engagement levels, and measure their urgency to find a solution. Using an inbound marketing methodology in this way ensures that your efforts are both efficient and scalable.

Inbound Marketing Process


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Attract strangers using SEO, social media, blogs, and retargeting.

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Warm Leads

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Convert visitors with landing pages, forms and calls-to-action.

AUM Growth

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Grow AUM with workflows and sales enablement tools.

Client Service

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Delight customers using engagement analytics and responsive content.

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