The mechanism enabling a cyclist to coast downhill is called a freewheel. Freewheel Marketing seeks to enable investment managers to coast in a similar manner.

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Freewheel Score

Compare your firm's digital adoption to other RIAs

Freewheel Score

Our proprietary application provides access your firm's Freewheel Score, our measure of digital adoption. In addition, we offer a comparison to other similarly sized RIAs and provide insights for how to gain a competitive advantage with asset gathering.

The basis of this methodology is a whitepaper that we published in 2017, for which we were selected as a finalist for WealthManagement.com's Thought Leadership Award.

Access your Freewheel Score here.

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Marketing Technology's Role in Growing AUM


With data on 250+ RIAs and asset managers, we determined the extent to which each is making use of digital marketing software. Our corresponding ranking of these firms supports the conclusion that, all else being equal, those firms emphasizing the use of marketing technology will be better positioned to grow AUM in the coming years. Access here

RIAs are missing opportunities eBook

RIAs Are Missing Opportunities; Inbound Marketing Is the Solution

RIAs are missing opportunities to grow AUM by relying on referrals alone. Good referrals may even be squandered if a website fails to support the buying process. This is because changing preferences with respect to how consumers identify, research, and decide to buy necessitate a change in the way businesses market to them. Learn more


Guide to Digital Marketing in Financial Services

Traditional outbound marketing and sales efforts are blind, expensive, and labor intensive. Marketing technology and digital communication enable broader awareness, improved conversion rates, and increased sales velocity. Learn more

In the news

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Yes, U.S. Advisors—You Need To Pay Attention To The Euro Data Privacy Law

FA Magazine - 5/24/18

What would a European privacy law aimed at protecting customer data mean to an American financial advisor? Nothing, right? Freewheel Marketing's President, Graig Norden, and others suggest otherwise. Read more.

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Top 2017 Articles from the Institute for Innovation Development

Institute for Innovation Development - 12/20/17
The Institute for Innovation Development interviewed Freewheel's Founder & President, Graig Norden, about our study that was published in February. The interview itself was the third most popular article this year on IID's website. Read more.

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A Guide to the Best Programs and Tools for Advisors

WealthManagement - 10/05/17
The Wealthmanagement.com Industry Awards program recognizes the year's best business initiatives meant to help financial advisors build better practices and more effectively serve their clients. Freewheel Marketing was selected as a finalist for a thought leadership award pursuant to its study published in February. Read more.

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Marketing Tech Study - Proven Way To Grow Assets

FA Magazine - 9/21/17

The Institute for Innovation Development recently talked to Graig Norden, Founder & President of Freewheel Marketing - a financial services marketing technology consultant and research firm - about their major new study entitled "Marketing Technology's Role in Growing Assets Under Management." Read more.

Financial Advisor Magazine

Market While You Sleep

FA Magazine - 8/2/17

“With investment management, sometimes people ebb and flow in their willingness to make a decision, and taking advantage of urgency is a really powerful concept,” Norden says. “All of a sudden, you see that they are on your website after about six months. I’d love to know that.” Read more.

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RIA Survey & Ranking 2017

Financial Advisor Magazine - 7/5/17

Other firms have noted that RIAs aren’t taking the technological challenge as seriously as they should be. Graig Norden, president of tech consultant Freewheel Marketing in San Francisco, said his research support supports this. Read more.

The Financial Revolutionist

Gracias for the $140 million

The Financial Revolutionist - 6/10/17

Fintech financing levels may be muted right now, but large deals are still happening. A case in point is AvidXchange, an automated payment processing software company, that raised a whopping $300 million from Mastercard, Temasek and Peter Thiel amongst others. Read more.

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Freewheel Named Finalist for Thought Leadership Award

WealthManagement.com - 6/1/17

WealthManagement.com has announced the finalists for its 2017 Executive Forum and Industry Awards, which seeks to recognize outstanding achievement in the Wealth Management Industry. Freewheel Marketing is one of five finalists for the award of Technology Providers; Thought Leadership. The winners will be announced on October 11 at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Read more

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How Tech Helps Asset Managers Like ClearBridge Grow AUM

Harvest Exchange - 3/13/17

"Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper played by Bill Murray in Caddyshack, knew the value of having good intelligence. In describing how he would catch the gopher that was terrorizing Bushwood Country Club, he mused..." Read more


Digital Council

Mutual Fund Education Alliance - 3/8/17

Digital continues to emerge as a critical component of virtually all key strategies from marketing to communications to distribution to personalization. MFEA brought together digital marketing strategists for two days of industry discussion at the Janus Capital campus in Denver, Colorado. Read more

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How Tech Helps RIAs Like Alexandria Capital Grow AUM

Investopedia - 2/17/17

"The recent launch of Merrill Lynch’s robo-advisor platform is confirmation that the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to the Department of Labor's (DOL) contentious fiduciary ruling. More investors are justifiably insisting that financial advisors act in their best interest and broker-dealers are responding irrespective of our Commander in Tweet..." Read more

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How Advisors Can Use Blogs to Boost Their AUM

Investopedia - 2/15/17
"In a survey of over 250 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and asset managers, Freewheel Marketing found that the use of marketing technology helps investment managers of all sizes increase their assets under management (AUM)..." Read more

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A Sharper Focus on Wealth Management's Future

The Financial Revolutionist - 1/27/17
"Since Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, four biographies, three documentaries and three feature films have been released about him. His legend grows and he continues to inspire. Yet, those in the wealth management industry should never read another word about Jobs..." Read more

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Blogs key to driving traffic to adviser websites, but what topics resonate best?

InvestmentNews - 1/10/17
"Answering specific client questions and not making a pitch result in the greatest engagement. Financial advisers seeking to grow their businesses should carve out more time for writing, as blogs have become an essential tool for finding new clients..." Read more

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Weekend Reading for Financial Advisors

Nerd's Eye View @kitces.com - 1/6/17
"Historically, referrals have been the number one source of new clients for financial advisors, but a recent study by Freewheel Marketing finds that it’s the most tech-savvy firms that appear to be enjoying the best AUM growth now..." Read more

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RIAs Road to Fast AUM Growth Paved With Silicon

FA Magazine - 12/30/16
"To increase their assets under management, registered investment advisors might want to spend less time pressing the flesh and more time pressing buttons. Referrals are typically seen as the best way to grow an advisory practice, but a newly revealed data set reveals that technology is key to business development..." Read more

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Marketing Predictions from CEOs, CMOs, and Authors for 2017

Forbes - 11/6/16
"What are the top predictions for marketers heading into 2017? To find out, I turned to CEOs, Presidents, CMOs and authors..." Read more

Freewheel Score